Relaxation Sessions

These sessions are designed to be used as tools for anyone to heal the body and mind, build healhty habits or just relax.

When the concious mind is busy doing something like drifting off, the subconcious mind will take over and listen. Thus reinforcing the positive ideas and encouragement in these sessions.

Please use these sessions to enrich your life!

A few listening tips...

Get comfortable, sit or lie down where you wont be disturbed,can close your eyes and just be.


Wear headphones

Make sure you can hear and understand what is being said, then give yourself permission to relax and let your mind drift. 

For the best results listen every day or more than once a day if you like.

Being in a relaxed state puts your body and mind in the perfect state for healing and growth.

These relaxation sessions are original productions stated in the positive by Angela Kirby.

Angela Kirby

Master Esthetician/Relaxation Facilitator

sessions are original hypnosis sessions stated in the positive.

Training;      Euro Institute of Skincare

                      Positive Changes Hypnosis

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