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Changing uneven skin tones and texture

If your skin has uneven texture and tone, you're not alone. Sun damage, acne scars, and melasma are common skin problems.

Here are some practical steps you can take....

#1 Wear sunblock everyday.

The damaging rays come right through the clouds and rain. We even receive some damage from indoor lighting. The cells that make you tan also give you age spots. SPF isn't regulated over 45, so a higher number isn't necessarily as much protection as you may think.

#2 Get a good home care regime going.

Take that makeup off each night and cleanse the skin. Nourish it with gentle quality products. And don't do too much; give your skin a chance to heal itself.

#3 Ask a professional.

Get access to professional treatments and products that are scientifically proven to provide benefits. Drug store and department store brands have lower levels of important ingredients and can really cost a lot for such a small gain. Investigate the science and studies documenting results before you invest.

#4 Take a calculated risk.

Chemical peels, microneedle treatments, and dermaplane treatments are pain free, proven ways to exfoliate and renew the texture and tone of skin.


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