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3 steps to improve skin discoloration

If you have age spots or melasma (skin discoloration), and want to minimize it, the choice is clear. Chemical peels are a cost effective, comfortable way to even out skin tones.

Your cells have memory, so you have to make them forget that they were reacting to the sun. A chemical peel may initially make the sun spots look darker for a day or two, before they slough off, leaving your skin smoother and brighter. One peel a month for a few months can give the skin amnesia, as the peels break down the waxy bonds between the external skin cells, so fresher, newer cells are visible.

As we age, the skin cells turn over more slowly, taking up to twice as long as they did when you were in your 20s, and the skin can appear dull, making you look tired.

So, what are the three steps to improve your skin discoloration?

1. Chemical Peels

2. A good home care regime with a melanin inhibitor like MelayoLyte treatment and/or Pigment perfecting serum from Epionce

3. Sunblock everyday

During the month of December, a customized chemical peel is only $76.00.


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