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Dermaplane Myths...

There are a lot of myths about dermaplane treatments out there so allow me to dispel some of them...

Myth #1. Dermaplane treatments hurt.

Truth - No, it feels like someone is rubbing your skin with the smooth end of a butter knife.

Myth #2. Dermaplane treatments can make you break out.

Truth - A professional dermaplane treatment will exfoliate your skin clearing away the excess so your skin will stay clear.

Myth #3. My facial hair will grow back darker and thicker.

Truth - It is scientifically impossible for this to happen. But it will remove the transparent peach fuzz on your face and your make up will go on beautifully!

Other benefits are an immediate brightening of the skin and your skin care products will be more effective.

Dermaplane treatments are safe to have once a month.


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