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Insomnia help

Everyone has trouble falling asleep once in a while, or wakes up in the middle of the night and has trouble falling back to sleep. Here are some ideas and links that might help you get a good night's rest...

How to set up a good environment for sleep:

1.block out as much light as possible

2. experts recommend a room temperature of 62 to 68 degrees

3. make your bed as comfortable as possible; use warm blankets but nothing that makes you too hot.

4. add in some white noise from a fan or device

Essential oils like Vetiver and Lavender are helpful. Take 1 to 3 drops mixed with a few drops of a carrier oil and massage into feet, on the back of your neck, and/or pulse points, then breathe in a few deep breaths of what's left on your hands.

Some people find that removing themselves from all electronics an hour before bed time and having a regular bed time routine works wonders.

Restorative yoga for sleep

How the Navy falls asleep

I wish you luck and sweet dreams...


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