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Melasma and chemical peels: a combo for flawless skin?

Yes they can! In fact, for those of us with melasma (a skin issue that comes from hormones of symmetrical brown spots on our faces) it's the most successful way to get rid of the pigment.

Chemical peels are amazing, but for melasma it does take a series of peels with religious home care, including melanin inhibitors and lots of sunblock.

Below is a photo of someone who did 5 chemical peels for melasma, one every 4 weeks, and used home care to minimize it.

I highly recommend the Epionce protocol utilizing the Melanolyte Pigment Perfection Serum and Melanolyte tx for 18 weeks, along with a series of peels for melasma minimization.

These products utilise orange & apple fruit extracts, licorice root extract, white water lily extract, apricot kernel, and mulberry root to brighten skin and inhibit melanin reactions. Plus, a whole host of other pharmaceutical botanical ingredients for their health and anti-aging ingredients.


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