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Master Esthetician & Guided Relaxation Facilitator

Caring for clients and making them feel comfortable with themselves is the best part of Appealing Peels.

By using a  holistic aproach for skin care, we evaluate your internal and external factors to find  the best results and solutions for you!

The skin takes time to change and there is nothing that will change it over night. For real change consistent at home care,  professional treatments and time are necessary.

I have been working professionally as a Master Esthetician for over 10 years. Opening Appealing Peels in 2018.


I recomend products that have been scientifically proven to do what they say they do.

I would love to meet you! 



The Euro Institute of Skin Care

Hypnosis/Coaching Positive Changes Hypnosis


The Transducer Table

The massage table at Appealing Peels is retrofitted with tactile transducers making every facial and guided relaxation session truly unique.

Vibroacoustic information

Buddha Statue

Angela Kirby

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